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THE ALT CARE COLLECTIVE has officially launched this week and I could not be more excited to ring in a new year of possibilities, dreams, hopes, and goals with you! My wish for all of our Alt Care Collective partners and members in 2020 is this…


That you may take steps toward your most healthy and vibrant life, discover your passions and talents and use them to do good in the world, and that you may love yourself and your family forward into a year of abundance, joy, productivity and ease. Happy New Year- may all your hopes and dreams be in the making!

What if your 2020 resolution was simply to take care of yourself?

Like 99% of the population, I watch Netflix, and I was pretty thrilled with the original series “Inside Bill’s Brain” about Bill Gates (he’s a fascinating human in my book) and it’s what inspired this post. While certainly not a revolutionary concept, I thought it was interesting that they highlighted the fact that he took a respite every so often affectionately termed “Think Week”, where he would head off into isolation and read and relax and unwind for a week all by himself. By HIMSELF.

I don’t know about you, but that is the stuff of my dreams! I have a husband, four teenage boys and three pets so “Think Week” sounds like heaven on earth in my book. To escape, to have no one to answer to, nothing to have to get done other than whatever I feel like doing- to just unwind and find my own inner core again without the daily pressures, commitments and chaos of life sounds deliciously decadent, indulgent and wonderful. And I am sure Bill feels the same way.

We all need a “Think Week”

It doesn’t matter if you are Bill Gates, or you or I. We all have the same need to unplug and re-charge our batteries from time to time. That is the goal of The Alt Care Collective- to help you find ways to live your best life and be healthy, vibrant, productive and balanced through our wellness and care network of providers and products.

Everyone’s “Think Week” is going to look a little different based on what restores your soul and grounds you. It might be a trip to the beach or the mountains; you might book a hotel room with a balcony or sleep under the stars in a tent. It should be whatever and wherever your heart is calm and happy. It could be a weekend instead of a week.

Put it in ink

The magic is not in the details, it is in the commitment to execute and find time and allow yourself to detach and be alone with yourself. Give yourself permission and follow through. Put it on your calendar- in permanent marker. Buy the plane ticket. Book the hotel or Air B & B. Check out the books if reading is your fancy. Get your paints out that have been sitting collecting dust and go get a canvas. Prepare and enjoy. Even if you only get to do it once a year that is better than zero times a year. If you can swing it two or four times a year- even better.

You will return a better person. You will be re-energized, full of vigor and calm, inspired, happy and centered. And that will make you a better employee, leader, family member, significant other, friend and parent. We can’t give what we don’t have, and every day someone will need something from us. Take the time to take care of yourself and you will be able to live your most productive, loving, compassionate and brilliant life which benefits you- and everyone around you.

So, I raise a toast to “Think Week”, and am off to schedule mine!

Cheers & Be Well,


Heather Sloan

Heather Sloan
Founder & CEO


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