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‘Wellness is a measure of someone’s mental and physical health… It comprises nearly every aspect of your life, measures and compares them with each other, and puts you at a certain ‘wellness’ level, which is arbitrary to every individual. Once you have a measure of the aspects in your life as a whole, aligned with how you feel, you have your very own wellness level.’

~Monika Greczek, Owner of Extasy Hair Studio and Spa

Welcome to The Collective: Extasy Hair Studio & Spa!

Monika is the owner of Extasy Hair Studio & Spa based in Palos Hills, IL, and not only does she have a wonderful holistic based salon, but she carries a fabulous line up of natural products to help you look and feel your best!

I have known Monika for years and she is the real deal. She researches, tests, and uses the products she sells (if she doesn’t use it, you can be certain she will not carry it in her salon) and is always discovering innovative new products. She is fully engaged personally and professionally in helping her family, her friends, and her clients live their best lives; mind, body, and soul through her services and products. You can follow the salon on Facebook@extasyhairstudio and Instagram@extasyhairstudioandspa.

Below, I am highlighting three of the many amazing products she carries. And if you haven’t heard of them, you should definitely reach out to her to learn more, obtain your exclusive Collective discount, and try them for yourself.

1. Neora Skincare

As I mentioned, I have known Monika for a while. Last summer we were at the lake and she had absolutely no makeup on and she looked amazing. So amazing, that I asked her if she had work done (there is no shame in my game). Her skin was smooth, tight and glowing.  She had no bags, no dark circles under her eyes. I was convinced she must have had Botox. She laughed at me and said that she had not had anything done, but she had changed to a new skincare line called Neora.

Check out her before and after photos on her Facebook and you will see why I was certain she had work done. She is a walking testament to the power of this natural skincare line formulated by powerful plant based science. I asked her for the inside scoop on what she uses in her daily skin care routine, and here’s her favorites : the Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash, IllumaBoost Brightening & Shield Serum, Age IQ Eye Serum and the Age IQ Day and Evening Cream’s. She also mentioned that it is all about layering with this system, so when you talk to her be sure to ask her what the magic order is.

2. Uforia Supplements

There are no shortage of good supplement companies out there. This one though is pretty special. Uforia sends you a DNA kit to swab your saliva and then they create customized supplement nutrition based specifically on your bodies unique DNA and needs.

Every formulation is vegan, non-gmo, gluten free and made from the highest quality plant based ingredients. Their website does a great job of explaining the science and process and I would recommend you check them out!

3. Voxxlife Socks

If you have not heard of these and you work on your feet all day, have any health challenges, or just want to feel better- you want to get a pair of these high tech socks designed to improve balance, mobility, and pain management they also improve energy, neural health, and recovery time.

Voxxlife is a human performance technology company that offers socks, shoe insoles and patches you can wear to create a neuropath to faster wellness. Again the science on these is pretty interesting and the website does a great job of explaining it.  Pro golfer Chip McDaniel uses them, as do many other everyday and professional athletes. And, doctors and practitioners are recommending them to their patients as an innovative new tool for optimal health.

Thanks again to Monika and Extasy Hair Studio & Spa for joining The Collective, we are grateful for your vision, passion, knowledge and partnership. Please reach out to Monika for more information on any of the products featured today. 

Cheers & Be Well,

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Heather Sloan

Heather Sloan
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