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HWH #4: This weeks round up- Consistency, Meal Prepping, and an Alternative Statin

The Alt Care Collective is a lifestyle brand started with the philosophy that we can all be healthier, happier, more vibrant and productive given the right tools and resources. And that’s the goal of my weekly HWH post- to share whatever I have learned throughout the week so that maybe in some way it will be helpful to you as well. It could be a workout, a product, a service, something cool I saw online, a new supplement I am trying, a fabulous meal I had or recipe I tried. HWH is the weekly round up of anything that influenced my well-being this week that I thought was worth sharing.


I have been on a new workout program for 4 weeks and am feeling amazing, yet very tired- partly due to not getting enough sleep (four kids, a husband on a very different schedule than you, and two crazy dogs will do that), and partly due to my body acclimating to the new physical stress being put on it.

But every day, I make myself get up and before I do anything else, as soon as the kids are out the door I am on my way to the gym. I am one of those people that struggles with putting myself first, so this is a major accomplishment to prioritize myself and my health as number one and letting all else fall in after. And it is so worth it.  By carving out this space just for me and my wellness, I am slowly returning to myself mentally, emotionally and physically after a very long hiatus due to a long term caregiver role with my mom, grieving her death, an insane schedule for too many years, and my own health taking a toll from all of it.

The old me would have wanted far more progress in four weeks, and would have been very disappointed at this stage.  Current me has finally maybe learned the lesson of consistency and taking it little by little. I realize this is a long term comeback not an overnight one- as most comeback’s are.  In the interest of not getting injured and being derailed as usually happened in the past, I am going much lighter with the weights and cardio intensity than I would have normally. And the beauty is- it’s working. Six days a week I show up at the gym, put in the work at an appropriate level for where my fitness is at and I am making progress without injury.

Most of all what consistency is teaching me is that regardless of the quality of my workout or mood, showing up counts. And really- this is true of anything in life- consistency is the magic ticket. Money and savings- be consistent. Relationships and friendships- be consistent. Food and diet- be consistent. No matter what it is, progress and results come from putting in the work consistently.

Meal Prepping

Whether you are busy, on a very specific diet and need to bring your food with you, or lazy meal prepping is the answer. At one point in my life I got really good at it then fell off the wagon and am now going to put it back in place in our life. Meal prepping is simply making multiple meals at once and packaging them up into grab and go containers for the week.

My husband has transitioned to a plant based diet which is so amazing and I am so excited for him because he is feeling great and having improvements in blood pressure. So, I decided this week after getting up at 5 am to prep lunch for him each morning (because otherwise he will eat a banana and call it good but be ridiculously hangry), that I needed to get back on the meal prep bandwagon so I can do it all on Sunday and sleep in a little!  And it will benefit me too because I am very guilty of missing lunch because I am too busy to cook something and PB&J’s get old at some point.

So I am spending Thursday- Saturday picking menu items and making a grocery list so we can shop, chop, cook, cool, and place into containers all of our lunch meals for the week. There are so many great resources and ideas for meal prepping on YouTube and Pinterest. Whether you are Plant Based, Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 or any other type of diet you can find loads of recipes and meals.

Some of my favorites meal prep/ what I eat in a day for vegans that you may want to check out on YouTube are Fit Vegan Chef Natalie Matthews (Vegan Bodybuilding)Bianca Taylor (Vegan Bodybuilding), Ruth May (Vegan Keto), Lauren Henry (Medical Medium Protocol), Fully Raw Kristina (Raw Vegan).

A Natural Alternative to Statins

Clearly heart health has been a topic in my life lately. All is great with my ticker (thank you for the tests to be sure Dr. Haugan and Dr. Klodas!), but in the interest of preventative health my acupuncturist at Crocus Hill Oriental Medicine and doctors decided that taking an herbal statin alternative to address slightly elevated cholesterol was a good idea to try, so I am now taking an herbal supplement called Cholisma that is, as it was explained to me in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, designed to address cholesterol by addressing digestion. I will be re-tested in six months to see how it works!

If you have any cholesterol issues, you might want to talk to your Traditional Chinese Medicine provider or find one on our network to learn more and see if it is a good option for you.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of HWH and that each week there is some kernel of goodness and usefulness in it for you!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to stay connected.

Cheers & Be Well,

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