“I’m not your typical dietitian. Consider me your new favorite non-diet dietitian who listens to your individual needs and concerns, who supports you as you create a new, positive relationship with food, and who may even give you a piece of chocolate to savor and enjoy..”

~Kara Hoerr

Welcome to The Collective: Kara Hoerr Nutrition!

If you are looking for someone authentic, kind, helpful, and knowledgeable to partner with you to re-vamp your eating habits, you have found her! Kara’s approach is grounded in reality- the reality that there are a lot of delicious foods out there for us to enjoy and maybe not all of them are the healthiest of choices, but that doesn’t mean we can find balance.

In fact, that is her goal is to help you enjoy food again- no shame, no guilt, no judgement- just assistance with creating a realistic and approachable plan that works specifically for you and brings back a love and enjoyment of eating and nourishing yourself and your family.

Kara offers healthy lifestyle nutrition coaching, family and childhood nutrition coaching, and nutrition consulting services as well as helpful specialty programs including a refrigerator reset, nutrition store tours, and in-home family cooking experiences.

You can find out more about her professional background, personality, approach, and her customized programs on her website at Kara Hoerr Nutrition (I have outlined the process of working with her below), follow her on Instagram, and be sure to sign up for her newsletter at the bottom of her home page!

Step 1: Free 30 minute call to connect.

Start with a complimentary 30-minute discovery call with Kara!  There is no commitment to any package or program with the call. During the call, you will have an opportunity to talk to her about your challenges and goals, and she will share with you how she can help turn those goals into a lifelong reality.

Step 2: Initial session.

This is the kick off! During this first session, you will meet either in person or virtually through a secure video chat. Kara will do a full nutrition and health assessment to really get to know where you’re at – whether that’s individually or as a family. From there, you will talk through realistic goals that will get you started to a healthier lifestyle.

Step 3: Between visit support.

Behaviors and habits don’t change overnight, and Kara understands this. That’s why packages include 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions to touch base and hear about your successes and challenges. In between sessions, you’ll have unlimited between visit support with real time advice and encouragement – you’ll literally have access to a nutrition expert right at your fingertips!

Just a few reasons to schedule a call with Kara…

In the words of clients who love and adore her and appreciate how she has helped them. You can read more testimonials on Kara’s website.

“As a busy professional middle-aged woman, I found it time to learn more about eating healthy while on the go. Kara was an excellent resource with a creative and collaborative approach to my unique needs, no cookie cutter approach. I am meeting my goals of eating on the go, not starving myself, and watching my health improve.” ~ Jill

“I reached out to Kara to improve energy levels during athletic training. During our first session together, she clearly explained the weak and strong points of my diet and gave me some advice for simple but impactful changes. After 3 weeks of making these changes, I definitely have more energy while training, get fatigued less quickly, and in general feel less tired throughout the week. I’m very happy I decided to work with Kara and can’t wait to share my future sports achievements with her.” ~ Diego

Thank you to Kara Hoerr Nutrition for joining The Collective, we are grateful for your vision, passion, knowledge and partnership. Please reach out to her for more information or to schedule an appointment!

Cheers & Be Well,

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Heather Sloan

Heather Sloan
Founder & CEO,          The Alt Care Collective





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