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My Story

More than just a company, The Alt Care Collective was founded to spread knowledge, encourage people to try new approaches to wellness, inspire creativity and innovation, create positive change in the world and most of all to help every person have all the tools possible to live a balanced, happy, productive, fulfilling and exuberant life.

My story began with what is typically a “no big deal” case of mononucleosis (often referred to as “mono”) which for me, turned out to be a very big deal. I had vertigo, heart arrhythmia, exhaustion, excessive fever- you name it. I was in my early thirties living a fabulous life, working in a career and company I loved and now I was bedridden, miserable, depressed, scared, unable to work or drive, and downright terrified at the thought that I might not get better as the weeks dragged into months.

I kept going to my doctor hoping they could figure out something to reverse the path I was on and each time they just ordered more tests and gave me more prescriptions- most of which came with so many warnings and side effects that I didn’t want to take them. Finally at one of my visits, I met a Physicians Assistant that gave me a suggestion no one else had that was based on her own experience.

She recommended I go see an acupuncturist and a chiropractor that she used regularly. It seemed odd to me, but at this point I would have tried anything. She shared with me that she had tried for two years to get pregnant and could not, and within months of seeing this acupuncturist she had become pregnant and was now the mom of two! I left the office and promptly made my appointments.

Fast forward to a few months later-  I had returned  to a vibrant and flourishing human that was able to work and participate in life fully again- thanks to acupuncture, herbs, prescribed dietary changes, chiropractic, massage and most of all- my Physicians Assistant. Without her open minded approach to healing, willingness to share her personal story, and connections to great providers I would not have had these tools and resources to heal.

Years later, I still continue to see my “wellness team “on a regular basis to keep me healthy in mind, body and spirit and I am so grateful for their skill, knowledge, talent and compassion. They truly help me live my best life professionally and personally through the services and products I am able to access with their care.

I wanted to share my story because it is a perfect example of the harmony of a complimentary care approach that embraces both sides of healthcare and illustrates why I believe so strongly in our mission as a company. My hope is that you will benefit from our amazing network of providers offering a wide variety of holistic, natural, alternative and complimentary care services and products. And most importantly, that you will create your own “wellness team” and regimen to support and care for your mind, body and soul and allow you to live your best and most vibrant life!

Be Well, Live Well my Friend~